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Clearway speaker cable
[코드컴퍼니 스피커 케이블] Clearway speaker cable
M당 금액 입니다. 영국생산, The Clearway uses 14 AWG multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors - big enough to bring control and definition to both book shelf and floor standing loud speakers. The insulation is FEP which has a very similar performance to PTFE. The choice of insulation has a profound effect on the ultimate performance of a speaker cable and FEP contributes to the neutrality of the Clearway speaker cable. Other types of insulation will often produce unwanted tonal colourations and while your music should be full of colour your cables shouldn’t. The conductors are arranged in a twisted pair configuration before a soft PVC internal jacket is applied, this helps to minimise mechanical noise and also spaces the twin contra-wound foil shields in relation to the conductors.
판매가 : 35,000 원   세일가 : 25,000 원 (카드 무이자 4,167 원*6개월)
Carnival Silver Screen 바이-와이어 (3M Pair 완제품)
[코드컴퍼니 스피커 케이블] Carnival Silver Screen 바이-와이어 (3M Pair 완제품)
영국생산, 4 x 15 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper
판매가 : 770,000 원   세일가 : 700,000 원 (카드 무이자 116,667 원*6개월)
Carnival Silver Screen 싱글 (3M Pair 완제품)
[코드컴퍼니 스피커 케이블] Carnival Silver Screen 싱글 (3M Pair 완제품)
영국생산, 2 x 15 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper
판매가 : 390,000 원   세일가 : 350,000 원 (카드 무이자 58,334 원*6개월)
Sarum T XLR
[코드컴퍼니 밸런스드(XLR)] Sarum T XLR
영국생산, 코드 컴퍼니 최상급 Sarum T XLR 케이블, 맑고 명료한 사운드
판매가 : 4,500,000 원   세일가 : 4,400,000 원 (카드 무이자 733,334 원*6개월)
Signature Tuned ARAY XLR
[코드컴퍼니 밸런스드(XLR)] Signature Tuned ARAY XLR
영국생산, Using identical conductors for signal and return is a very easy was of improving the performance of an audio cable – something we’ve been doing for many years. With many XLR cables, the two signal wires end up being used to carry the hot (in phase) and the cold (out of phase) signals, while the earth/return connection is made with the shield.
판매가 : 2,090,000 원 (카드 무이자 348,334 원*6개월)
Signature Tuned ARAY USB
[코드컴퍼니 USB케이블] Signature Tuned ARAY USB
영국생산, 음악 전용 최고급 USB 케이블, There are a lot of musicians working at the Chord Company and a good few play in bands. Someone had done some recording and copied the master CD to a laptop so he could burn a few copies. Out of curiosity we compared the master to a copy. The copy was beyond dreadful. Since we were using one of the first DACs with a USB input, we listened to the copy on the laptop next. Not good, but better than the CD version. So we started to investigate higher spec ripping programs and playback management – big improvements.
판매가 : 675,000 원 (카드 무이자 112,500 원*6개월)
Signature Tuned ARAY RCA
[코드컴퍼니 인터커넥터(RCA)] Signature Tuned ARAY RCA
영국생산, The Signature Tuned ARAY RCA uses separately shielded oxygen free copper silver-plated conductors in Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, PTFE insulation and dual layer foil and high density braid shielding effective to very high frequencies. The outer jacket of each conductor is FEP and the cable is held in the correct configuration with black braided outer jacket.
판매가 : 1,590,000 원 (카드 무이자 265,000 원*6개월)
Signature Reference speaker cable (3M Pair 완제품)
[코드컴퍼니 스피커 케이블] Signature Reference speaker cable (3M Pair 완제품)
영국생산, Signature speaker cable was our first ever shielded speaker cable. It was also the biggest, stiffest, brightest cable we’d ever made. The conductors were oxygen free copper, the insulation was gas foamed Polyethylene, Shielding was a three layer braid and foil combination, effective to high frequencies and the outer jacket a flexible polyethylene. It was just flexible enough to fit into a system. Signature speaker cable was another product that didn’t need a press release or a review, it took off so fast by word of mouth, that for a while there was almost a permanent waiting list.
판매가 : 2,090,000 원 (카드 무이자 348,334 원*6개월)
Epic speaker cable (3M Pair 완제품)
[코드컴퍼니 스피커 케이블] Epic speaker cable (3M Pair 완제품)
영국생산, Epic is based on our multi-award-winning Chord Odyssey speaker cable. Both cables actually have identical conductors, they use 12 AWG oxygen free copper negative and positive conductors which are silver plated and insulated with PTFE before an outer PVC jacket is applied. The key difference is that Epic then has a very effective high frequency combination shield applied, surrounded by a translucent PVC jacket. So the improvements that Epic brings primarily come down to the shielding but the outer jacket also provides an extra degree of mechanical damping.
판매가 : 1,350,000 원 (카드 무이자 225,000 원*6개월)
Epic RCA
[코드컴퍼니 인터커넥터(RCA)] Epic RCA
Then of course there’s the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry. The end result is a cable that will carry a lot more detail, dynamics and better portray the individual timbres of instruments. The Tuned ARAY conductor geometry means it carries this extra information with all the coherence it needs to make for a genuinely musical and involving sound.
판매가 : 720,000 원 (카드 무이자 120,000 원*6개월)
Shawline speaker cable (3M Pair 완제품)
[코드컴퍼니 스피커 케이블] Shawline speaker cable (3M Pair 완제품)
영국생산, Shawline speaker cable uses the same conductors as Chord Rumour – a favourite for 20 years. The conductors are silver-plated, insulated with PTFE and arranged in a twisted pair configuration. To produce Chord Shawline, we’ve taken the existing conductor layout, added a specially chosen PVC internal jacket to reduce mechanical noise, before applying the same high density, dual-layer foil and braid shield that we use on Chord Epic.
판매가 : 420,000 원 (카드 무이자 70,000 원*6개월)
Shawline USB
[코드컴퍼니 USB케이블] Shawline USB
PC-FI DAC 최고급 USB케이블, Shawline USB cable was developed in line with our usual principle of using materials that we know work well and conductor geometries we established during the development of our Sarum and Signature USB cables. So at this point we can produce a prototype and sit down and listen to it. Be it blind testing or development listening. Only when we are completely happy that the cable makes a significant improvement is the cable put into production. The Shawline USB is built using high quality, silver-plated signal and power conductors. The power conductors are separately shielded from the signal conductors and the insulation is a specialised hard skin polyethylene developed for high speed signal transfer. There is also an overall shield, so this combined with the internal shielding, means that the signal cables are protected to very high frequencies.
판매가 : 420,000 원 (카드 무이자 70,000 원*6개월)
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